Google Analytics Mastery in 10 Minutes To Increase Visitors Exponentially

Google Analytics Mastery in 10 Minutes To Increase Visitors Exponentially

Are you a web developer?


A Blogger?

If you are looking to analyze your business, use this amazing tool to grow visitors.

Google Analytics

As we all know Google is the biggest internet giant and collecting all the data of our activities.


Time to utilize their collected data to analyze our business.

Using Google analytics, we can check how’s our content is performing over the internet based on multiple filters such as age, location, operating system, gender, network etc.

Let’s take a look at all the features one by one.


1. Dashboard Overview

Overview section of your Google Analytics dashboard will give you quick insights of your website’s performance such as

  • Total visitors
  • New Visitors
  • No. of sessions per user
  • Total page views
  • Bounce rate

2. Real-time users

Who is active right now on your website and their information such as

  • Location
  • Page name
  • activity time
  • their operating system

3. Demographics

Here is the most amazing feature of Google Analytics. Showing inner insight of visitors such as their age group, their gender.

Now, you can use this data to modify your content according to your audience group to get more leads on your website.

4. Visitors Locations

Wondering, how could you get users location?

Yes, It is.

Not even country name of your visitors as well as their city names too.

Now, based these data and performance of the website in multiple locations you can set marketing campaigns on other platforms to cover those audiences where you are not performing well.

5. User devices

You can check the user’s operating system using which they are visiting your website.

This tool is very useful for web developers to create user interactive website for better user experience.

Ultimately which leads to more business.

6. Returning Vs New Visitors

This is an honest feedback feature to measure your visitor’s reaction. Whether they are finding your content valuable or not, just by checking how many returning visitors out of your total visitors.

If visitors are returning back to your website then there is a news for you and a win-win situation for you.

6. User’s Flow

Here is the most killing feature of Google Analytics. How visitors are flowing in your website.

You can see in the above picture, people are visiting through viewprofile.php (6.2k) and visiting 2.4k visitors visited login.php which means there is a retention of more than 40% users.

and same around 5.2k visitors started their website session from login.php page and after successful login redirected to index.php(Homepage).

So, this feature of Google analytics will give you complete users flow insights.

Few insights:

  • Drop ratio of the page
  • Most loved page of the user
  • The most popular page on search engines.


Let me know in the comment section if you have any question.

I’ll love to hear from you. 😊

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