How To Use Google Search Console To Increase Visitors From Google – SEO Tips

How To Use Google Search Console To Increase Visitors From Google – SEO Tips

Are you looking to increase your web traffic through organic way?

Then you must know about SEO.

What is SEO?

Optimizing your content on search engines to beat your competitors and standing high in the list is SEO.

So, What is the most used search engine? 🤔

Obviously Google, right? 😜

So, Now we have to optimize our content or website so that Google could understand our content and give preference in comparison to our competitors.

So, How to optimize our website ranking on the Google search engine?

As I’ve already discussed various SEO boosting tools such as:

I hope you’ve already covered up those lessons too.

Here comes Google’s another awesome tool for Search Engine Optimization named Google Search Console ‘ for webmasters.

Let’s understand How does it work.

Google Search Console:

Google Search Console is a tool developed by Google to provide control over the contents created by webmasters.


Here, you can see the dashboard of Google Search Console which is showing that my website has appeared more than 4,000 times on Google Search engine on the first page and out of which 990 times my website is clicked in the last 3 months.

And it is also that my website has on an average 8.6 position on google search page based on the previous search performed by the users.

It has multiple features through which you could rank your website higher by optimizing your content.

Let’s talk in brief.


What is an XML sitemap?

In simple terms, it’s a list of a website’s URLs.

Your website must have many pages such as Home, about, contact us, and other blog posts. Now you need to add all of them to Google.

I hope that you must be aware of sitemaps. if not you could read about sitemap in details here.

So, If you are using WordPress for building your website as a CMS tool. You should download a plugin called Yoast SEO which will automatically generate Sitemap of your website.

If you are building your website using other technologies then you can create your sitemap using this website.

Here, you can update sitemap of your website just by putting URL of the sitemap.

You can see there are 26 pages on my website of which I have updated the sitemap.

This will help Google to list your website content on their Search Engine.

2. Keyword Performance

This is the main thing for which I love this Google Search Console.

You can actually find here all the keywords and their performance on Google search engine.


keyword ‘amu notes‘ is performing best among all the keyword I’ve used for my website. It has 295 clicks out of 393 impressions.

So, what you need to understand here,

First thing, you need to choose top keywords for your website which we often use under meta-tags.

Second, You need to understand the ratio of click vs impressions.

here ‘amu notes’ has more than 75% which helps Google search crawler to understand how genuine or say how relevant this website is for this keyword.

So, when you will take care of all these keywords related insights given by Search Engine Console. You will automatically start gaining higher rank.

3. Links

Inside the link section, you can get the details of:

  • Which page is performing well
  • Top performing page on Google
  • Who is linking your website to other places?

Here, you can see has linked my website 7 times. and Most linked page of my website is homepage which is

More the number of linking your website on other websites means more valuable content for Google to list on the search engine.

So, keep writing about your website on other platforms such as Quora, Olx, YellowPages, Linkemaybed may be thousands of others.


So, this is all about Gooooooooooooooooooogle Search Console.

Hope this was useful for you. 😊


Let me know in the comment section if you are having any question in your mind.

I’ll love to hear from you. 😊

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